Enter a new dimension with the best VR loft in Paris

Sparkling VR is a premium virtual reality room dedicated to privatizations, to organize corporate events up to 100 people in an ultra premium setting in the heart of Paris.


On a 400 m² stage set up as a loft with bar and music, we invite you to play as a team, in the same simulation, through state-of-the-art virtual reality headsets and controllers.
Our games and experiences exploit physical movement and teleportation in VR. They require skill, agility, a sense of teamwork and a good dose of humor.


We also offer bluffing experiences like flying above the earth with satellite images, seeing the solar system and the rotational speed of the planets or even swimming with whales.


Two dynamic simmulators on hydraulic jacks coupled with VR headsets will also allow you to enjoy the best of virtual reality in Paris.


A virtual reality room like Sparkling VR is an exceptional place in the heart of Paris for corporate events with the guarantee of a successful team building thanks to a magical setting, state-of-the-art virtual reality equipment and technology and professional virtual reality animators.


But Sparkling VR is more than a virtual reality room, it is also a meeting and party place with Sparkling Before evenings every Saturday evening from 9:00 p.m. to midnight; it is a smoothie bar and soon Frappuccino; club chairs where you can play the guitar with your friends, it's a place to play chess or backgammon or meet magicians... It's all you'll make of it !


Welcome to Sparkling VR...

Virtual Reality Loft Paris

The largest virtual reality room in Paris

400 m² loft and team building style