A magical team building in the heart of Paris

Sparkling VR welcomes you in an elegant 400 m² loft with apprentice stone walls, nestled in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.

An exquisite decoration, a cozy atmosphere and a collection of works of art allow you to offer high-end services for your events.

Organize an enchanting evening at the border of luxury and technology.



Organizing a virtual reality team building at Sparkling VR is offering an exceptional moment of conviviality!

During a team building, the activity is of course important, but the setting is just as important in order to create a friendly atmosphere and ensure that those who are not playing enjoy the show in a warm atmosphere. It is also pleasant when you leave a wonderful virtual universe to find yourself in an equally magical place. Sparkling VR is the largest virtual reality room in Paris (400m² loft, 16 virtual reality rings, 2 virtual reality escape games, 2 dynamic virtual reality simulators) and has been thought out down to the smallest detail to offer you a setting cozy and festive design.

Several hundred companies trust us to organize their team building in Paris, whether it is internally with the teams or with their clients.

A team building in Paris at Sparkling VR is a cocktail-dinner dinner with a trendy musical atmosphere in a sublime setting with slightly subdued light. They are experienced virtual reality animators who naturally and fluidly accompany teams in stunning games and who make you travel as you wish in high-flying virtual reality universes. It is a cocktail dinner refined with high-end products, it is a studio sound system and a dance floor, it is a place of celebration, discussion and conviviality.

If on the occasion of your Team Building in Paris you wish to make a company presentation, we provide you with our home cinema with a 3-meter canvas and a video projector already integrated. We also have professional micos and a studio sound system.

The flexible space also allows you to organize plenary sessions of 70 people seated

Come and visit Sparkling VR at your convenience to plan and organize one of the most spectacular teambuilding in Paris.

Team building Paris

At the crossroads of an art gallery, a virtual reality room and a club,

organize an evening of enchantment, combining luxury and technology

for a magical team building in the heart of Paris