The Lab

Taking place in a small corner of the Aperture Science universe, The Lab offers a wide variety of VR experiences to enjoy all that the world of virtual reality has to offer, all in a single application.

Destroy everything in the Aperture warehouse using the Core Calibration slingshot. Perfect for your debut as an Aperture Science trainee.

Use your archery skills to defend your castle gates against attacks from mercenaries as fierce as they are adorable.

Step back into the golden age of video games and knock out all the ships around you.

Take a trip to far-off and exotic places without jet lag.

Human Medical Scan
Explore the human body in all its beauty with an ultra-detailed model created from medical scans.

Solar System
Discover the solar system as if you were there. Thomas Pesquet will have nothing left to teach you.

Robot Repair
Repair robots and put your engineering skills to work for Aperture Science.

Secret Shop
Come and browse in Dota's secret shop. It's now open and all yours: you'll find artifacts, couriers, and you can even cast a spell or two!